Recognition Of Somaliland..

Key terms and conditions are specified below and must be read in conjunction with the Somaliland Civil Service Law No 7/96.

Statement of Employment Terms and Conditions:-

As a staff member of AGO you will have received a document setting out specific terms and conditions of service as they relate to your post (if you have not received this, you will do so within 8 weeks of your commencement date). This includes details of:

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Tourism, Cave Paintings at Laas-Geel

Somaliland, with marvelous beaches, breathtaking diving opportunities, scenic mountains and rich culture, is the definitive frontier of tourism. Not because it is unsafe, but because there is absolutely no tourism infrastructure and you’ll feel like you are the first visitor. Don’t confuse quiet, democratic and well organized Somaliland with chaotic and violent (southern) Somalia. On most maps, it is the same,

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