Expected Outcome

The success of the ICT policy development and implementation will be indicated (i) demonstrable improvement in Ict-based services provision to the population (ii) enhanced efficiency in government processes, and (iii) increasingly positive perceptions of government's performance by the population. institutions that will have successfully embraced the ICT will be distinguished by their adoption and practice of the following governance principle:- 
  a) Improved services delivery to the population.
  b) Effective implementation of development plans, programmes and activities.
  c) Efficient,transport,accountable and optimal utilization of resources.
  d) Merit-based recruitment and promotion as IT eliminates discretionary behaviors.
  e) Results oriented management practices.
  f)  Continuous learning.
  g) Smarter decision making,
  h) Creativity and innovation in problems solving.
  i)  Effective gender mainstreaming.
  j) People centered development.

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