Sustainability and Contribution to Peace.


Sustainability and Contribution to Peace:-

Granted that history and legal case alone do not confer sovereignty, Somaliland is sustainable economically, politically, and if necessary militarily. Somaliland has large oil, coal, and mineral deposits which thus far remain unexploited. While the international community deployed massive material and human resources on Somalia since 1991 with little success in bringing peace and political order, Somaliland has during this period restored peace, democratic self-governance, and thriving economy in its territory. It also contributes to regional and international wellbeing by:

  • Living in peaceful co-existence with its neighbors and hosts a significant flow of economic or political refuges;
  • Plays a critical role in regional security and provides a center of relative calm at one of the world’s most troubled and threatened regions;
  • Because of its democratic self-governance, its government enjoys legitimacy and peaceful transition of power;
  • By national commitment and practice, it entrenches democracy in the Horn of Africa, offering inspiration and example for a region known for military tyranny and violence;
  • Although non-recognition prevents other states and international organizations from providing necessary military assistance, Somaliland effectively controls with its navy and armed forces privacy, terrorism, people and arms trafficking, financial crimes, and other crimes,
  •  Its population and government takes seriously the principle of co-existence with others and carry out in spirit as well as letter with agreements they enter with other states, companies, and individuals,
  • Somaliland’s bottom-up and indigenous method of conflict resolution can offer a missing solution to Somalia’s problems

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