Mandated Responsibilities

The Commission shall be the primary policy developing, planning, coordinating, and implementing, regulating, and administrative entity of the executive branch of Government that will promote, develop, and regulate integrated and strategic ICT systems and reliable and cost-efficient communication facilities and services. In fulfilling its mandate, the Commission shall be guided by the following policies:
1. To provide an overall guidance and the direction on ICT developments for Somaliland economy.

2. To enhance the capacity of Government Institutions in ICT for them to be able to carry out their tasks in an effective and efficient manner.
3. To formulate ICT Policy Framework and play an active role in its subsequent implementation for the whole nation’s economy.
4. To provide advice and guidance to the government as needed in the development and review of the strategic information and communication technologies.
5. Streamline and enhance the Internet connectivity to all public institutions and create a shared vision for public and private partnership in the modern technologies.
6. To ensure the provision of strategic, reliable and cost-efficient information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, systems and resources as instruments for nation-building and global competitiveness.
7. To ensure a policy and legal environment that will promote a level playing field, partnerships between the public and the private sectors, strategic alliances with foreign investors, balanced investments between high-growth and economically-depressed areas, and broader private sector participation in ICT development.
8. To foster and accelerate convergence of ICT facilities such as but not limited to the development of networks.
9. To ensure universal access and high-speed connectivity at fair and reasonable cost.
10. To ensure the provision of information and communication services in areas not adequately served by the private sector.
11. To establish a strong and effective regulatory body within the ICT commission that will ensure consumer protection and welfare and foster a healthy ICT competition environment.
12. To promote the development of ICT expertise in the country’s human capital to enable Somaliland to compete in a fast-evolving information and communication age, to ensure the growth of the ICT industries.
13. To preserve the rights of individuals to privacy and confidentiality of their personal information.
14. To encourage the use of ICT in support of efforts for the development and promotion of the country’s arts and culture, history, education, public health and safety, and other socio-civic purposes.
15. To promote e-commerce in the private sectors

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