Somaliland National ICT Commission

About National ICT Commission


  • Overview Of SLNICT

Somaliland National ICT Commission was the primary policy, planning, coordinating, implementing, regulating, and administrative entity of the executive branch of the Somaliland Government that would promote, develop, and regulate integrated and strategic information and communications technology(ICT) systems and reliable and cost-efficient communication facilities and services.

Somaliland National ICT commission was established with the presidential decree No JSL/M/DM/249/0153/0821 dated on 2010 to regulate the two sectors of communication and information technology and to create an advanced Information community by preparing a suitable environment of infrastructure and a community capable of using communication and information technologies.

The mission of the ICT Commission is to create an advanced information-based society, to progress the life of its citizens and to improve the social and economic development of Somaliland an electronically enabled society where the citizens live in an environment that will encourage and promote the access to technologies providing quality education, efficient government service delivery, safe technology utilization, and ultimately a better way of life.


  • Importance Of ICT

ICT can be broadly defined as technologies that provide an enabling environment for physical infrastructure and services development of applications for generation, transmission, and processing, storing and disseminating information in all forms.  These forms include; voice, text, data, graphics and video.  From the foregoing, ICT has a role to play in any country’s development. Like other countries, Somaliland has recognized the potential and enabling element of information and communication technologies as a tool for social and economic development. 



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